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Sensa Bikes

Van de site van Sensa Bikes:

"We offer a wide range of frames that are built up with FULL groupsets and top-brand products (for example; Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo, RockShox, Magura, Ritchey and our house-brands Supra & Quasar). You have got the choice to get many different groupsets on your bike, but they are always FULL groupsets. This way the components always perform the best possible way. No fuzzy brakes, cheap cassettes or non-original chains! After you have selected the frame and group you can up-grade your bike with many options (forks, wheels, tires, saddles and more). Although the basis-bike is very ok, you can up-grade it to be as you want it to be. Specific needs can be fulfilled here so you get a really unique bike! The price is always fair so you get real value-for-money."

Bontekoe Wielersport is dealer van Sensa Bikes!
Zie voor alle fietsen en specificaties de site van Sensa Bikes.